Can I Jump In a Bounce House While Pregnant

Many women when they find out they are pregnant want to know exactly how much their present condition will limit them in their everyday life. Pregnancy is a joyous time but the do’s and don’ts of safety can at times be confusing. Bounce houses for instance are one thing that expecting mothers wonder if they can still use while expecting their child. Here’s why you should or shouldn’t jump in a bounce house while pregnant.

During pregnancy it is incredibly important to do everything in your power to protect your unborn child according to bounce house miami. That means sometimes standing aside and letting others have fun while you can’t participate in certain activities. A bounce house is one of such activities. Bouncing in a bounce house while pregnant could severely harm your child (or you) and should be avoided until after the baby is born. Were you to accidentally fall while in the bounce house (which happens quite a bit) you could land on your stomach and miscarry the infant. While it’s not always fun to miss out on activities that everyone else is getting to do, the protection and health of your baby are much more important.

If you are attending or throwing a party that has a bounce house you can still have some fun by being the moderator of the bounce house. Make sure that people take off their shoes, that there aren’t too many people inside, and that they play nicely. Just make sure to have another adult close by (one who is not pregnant) who is able to climb inside should someone not be following rules or someone is injured or sick. You should stay outside of the bounce house entirely until after your baby is born to completely rule out any chance of your baby or yourself being injured.

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Getting into the bounce house business

This is one of the most easy to start businesses you can get. for under 3 k you can start this business if you already have a pickup truck or large SUV and it’s even easier if you have a trailer and tow package on it.

You can buy commercial bounce houses from $1,200.00 to about $2,500.00 for the normal backyard castles.

Craigslist is the easiest way to get the word out for no cost in the services area of Craigslist, just keep it local to save gas expenses. You don’t want to drive 100 miles for a rental job.

The average ticket on a rental is between 250.00 and 350.00 in the Orlando bounce house rental service area, so one bounce house, rented on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday can bring in more than most full time jobs these days.

If you have two of them, you should be able to get close to 100 k per year in income if you do the work.

4 can put you at $150,000 a year after paying expenses and labor. These are your smaller bounce houses, not your “event” types, like the venue water slides, but they cost more and are a whole new adventure.

They are not that hard to find and buy, they are easy to operate businesses and you get to make kids happy and you only work on weekends. What more could you ask for in a business?


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